Follow our guide on and find out how best to care for your Fleshlight sex toy

This guide will help your care for all of your fleshlight toys. Fleshlights are very easy to care for and simple to clean. It's important to keep your Fleshlight clean after every use, the quick routine will help to keep your toy like new. 

Fleshlight Cleaning Instructions

1. Remove the inner sleeve from the outer case
Remove the top and bottom caps from the Fleshlight, gentle remove the sleeve from the case. 

2. Wash the case with hot soapy water
Once the case is thoroughly washed, set it aside to dry. 

3. Clean the sleeves canal with hot water
Run hot water through the canal, breaking down and removing any water-based lube or bodily fluids left in the sleeve. Do not use soapy water to clean the sleeve as it can degrade the flesh-like Superskin material.

4. Spray a generous about of Fleshlight wash toy cleaner
Use the Fleshlight Wash toy cleaner to purify the surface of the fleshlight sleeve, the toy cleaner is antibacterial, keeping the surface clean and bacteria-free. Leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area. 

5. Make sure it's dry
If you don't want to leave the parts to air dry, use a clean microfibre cloth. Depending on the texture, the Fleshlight could take longer to dry. In general, the more texture, the longer it'll take to dry. 

5. Renew and Reassemble the Fleshlight
You might notice after washing that the Fleshlight sleeve has a slight tack, sticky feel, this is completely normal. Over time, the powder inside of the sleeve will naturally wear away, to keep the Fleshlight feeling super realistic and comforting soft feel, use the Fleshlight renew power. The sleeve with some of the renew power and feel the difference! Put the fleshlight sleeve back into the case and screw on the caps. 


When you next come to play, your Fleshlight will feel as good as new! 


Top Fleshlight Tips 

Never use silicone-based lube, use only water-based lubricant
Use Fleshlight renew powder to keep your Fleshlight like new, Do not use talcum powder on your Fleshlight
Store your Fleshlight in its case where possible

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