How to have great & safe sex at Uni

An institution of higher learning is one place that gives students a lot of freedom. Some of those coming into the university has lived with strict parents, experiencing no late-night parties or having fun with friends.

Now that years have passed and you’re heading to your new campus, you have the all the freedom you have desired for years. You can attend all the wild parties, experiment with sex, and enjoy some other the other great uni experiences too. This is a stage in life that every freshman passes through. I did and will remember it for the rest of my life.

However, as with everything, you must enjoy things in moderation, which is something I learned the hard way, after making the wrong decisions. I must say, the newfound freedom is great since it helps you to find your purpose in life, but it can sometimes be dangerous. This is why I am going to discuss safe sex at the university. 

University hookups

University can be like a sex buffet that is open for all of those willing to experiment and discover their bodies and desires. This is especially so during fresher’s week; with the non-stop parties and alcohol (or other substances), one thing could lead to another and before you realize you’re (hopefully) having an orgasm.

One-night stands become the norm, but here is where relationships can be found are built.

I got married to my campus sweetheart and we have two beautiful children. Our firstborn came while we were at University. Life was no longer the same when he came into our lives. I had to seek jobs and rely on peanut salaries. But that is a story for another day. 

To some relationships did not turn out to be good at all. After months of sexual escapades, some end up being infected with STI, HIV, and even get babies. As a result, many have dropped out of uni and started jobs just to make ends meet.  

I must admit a child is a blessing, but, taking care of one in the university is a burden to you, your partner and maybe even your parents. Plus, the thought of disappointing your parents who sacrificed a lot for you is very tormenting. Babies aren’t the only potential outcome of unsafe sex, living with HIV or other STI’s is a path you wouldn’t want to walk down.

This is why practising safe sex is so important, for life, not just uni. 

Having sex at university

When it comes to being intimate with your partner or friend you need to be prepared. I’m certain no one wants to have sex with the intention of getting pregnant or STI. Here are some of the measures to undertake to guarantee safe sex.

Get free condoms from Freshers fairs

Among the contraceptives in the market today, condoms are the best option for you. This is because it prevents one from unwanted pregnancies and STIs. You’ll be able to pick up some free condoms at your fresher’s fairs. You can also obtain condoms from the NHS. If you’re not sure where you can find NHS outlets of the free rubbers, visit the NHS website for free condom services

Why use condoms?

This is a question one asks themselves since there are other forms of contraceptives. Condoms for a physical barrier between each partners genitals, protecting you from picking up STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Other contraception will prevent pregnancies but are ineffective methods to protect you from nasty diseases.

Condoms are 98% effective and come in different styles, scents and texture. Hence, making them ideal for you to achieve your maximum pleasure. 

What are the benefits of using condoms?

  1. They are effective in preventing STIs such as HIV, Chlamydia, and gonorrhoea among others. For example 1 out of 10 young people in the UK are believed to be carriers of Chlamydia. Therefore, if you’re using birth controls it is advisable to use condoms as well. This protects you from STIs. 
  2. Condoms are cheap and easy to acquire. There is no need for a prescription when it comes to the product, you can get them from the supermarkets, online, or even community centres.
  3. They are convenient since condoms can fit in your pocket, wallet, or bag without drawing attention. Hence, you can carry them whenever you feel you’re in the mood or heading to a late-night party or date.
  4. They come in various styles, texture, shapes, and scents. Whatever kind of flavour you find erotic, they have it which is ideal for foreplay. Plus, the products are known to delay climax, which makes the sex to last longer.
  5. Using condoms together with your birth control increases protection from pregnancy. Knowing you're fully protected will help you enjoy sex which often leads to greater pleasure.
  6. Condoms have no side effects unlike, Pills, ring, IUD, and implants among others, just make sure you aren’t allergic to the condom material!


There’s no pressure to have sex

Many think sex is a big deal and a rite of passage in university, it’s not. Some have chosen to abstain and still get to enjoy their lives on campus. Away from the wild parties and sexual escapades campus has a lot to offer.

What brings the pressure to have sex is the group you‘re hanging out with. As the saying goes “If you hang out with 5 rich people you’re the next one”. The same applies when it comes to sex, the individuals you hang out with can pressurize one into having sex.  

Therefore, change your circle and be around individuals who are focused and know what they want. Life is too short to live in regrets, be assertive, and stick to your principles. In short, You do You!

Communication is key

To have truly great sex, you need to talk about it with your partner. This helps you to be open and state what you like or don’t like.

Be clear with what you want and do not want. Do not think he or she will read your mind and walk away. If it is a NO, say it clearly without fear. In turn, you also have to listen to your partner, understanding what they are comfortable with. This, in turn, protects your dignity and mental health.  


When it comes to sex, consent is very important. Never assume if your partner giggles or smiles it’s a green light to have sex with them, communicate with your partner to know where they stand when it comes to sexual matters.

Know where your local sexual health clinic is 

Lastly, you must know where your clinic is located. This is because you might need their services when you least expect. It can be to restock your condoms, get tested and treated for STDs, or even reporting a rape case.

 If you’re in England and wales find your local clinic here –

If you’re in Scotland find your local clinic here –


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