Vibrating Buttplug

Already love butt plugs? Now imagine the fullness you experience from a normal butt plug, but with added, leg buckling vibrations. Its the perfect recipe for anal pleasure beyond the scope of imagination. Vibrating butt plugs are non-gendered so anyone can experience the wonders of anal vibes. 

Achieve body trembling orgasms whether you're enjoying solo play or intercourse with a partner. Enjoy big ones or small ones, or for even more anal fun, why not try a remote control vibrating butt plug? Want to maximise your foreplay, why not insert your remote control butt plug, give the remote to your partner and go out for dinner, feel the immense pleasure build up and brace yourself for mind-shattering orgasm. 

Take advantage of double pleasure, the vibes omitted from the butt plug will also stimulate the tip of the penis as it penetrates the vagina by massaging the back wall of the vagina. Win-win.