Why is lingerie considered more alluring than everyday underwear?

To begin with, the term 'lingerie' itself sounds more extravagant. It evokes images of femininity, confidence, and power.

Navigating the numerous styles of lingerie on the market can be confusing. Selecting the right one can empower you, boost your confidence, and enhance your sexual prowess.

Wearing sexy lingerie under a smart work suit offers a sense of naughtiness while maintaining a conservative appearance. This quick reference guide will explore various styles, whether worn discreetly under clothing or proudly displayed at home.

Types of Sexy Lingerie

Feeling confident in your figure sets the stage for a fun night out. With countless sexy lingerie options available – from camisoles to corsets – you can accentuate your curves and boost your confidence.

Here are the types of sexy lingerie

Choosing the right sexy lingerie might seem simple, but it's more than just matching a bra and panties. Lingerie encompasses many different styles of underwear, which is why we've created this comprehensive guide to the various types available. Let's dive into each one.

The Corset/Basque

Corsets usually consist of a single piece with bones for support and laces for adjusting the fit. They typically cover the area from just above the hips to just below the breasts, cinching the waist while accentuating the hips and bust. This creates a more voluptuous silhouette.

Historically, corsets (or basques) had laces at the back that were tightened for an extreme hourglass figure, but this was uncomfortable. Modern corsets are more comfortable and often worn for their attractive ribbon patterns down the back. They're commonly paired with tight jeans or trousers for a chic look.

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Bra & Panty Sets

Lingerie is more than simply matching a sexy bra and panty. It's the art of style and opulence. Lingerie sets can be purchased as separates or as complete sets, typically including a matching bra and brief or thong. There are various types of bras (such as balconette, push-up, soft cup, strapless, etc.) and bottoms (briefs, thongs, boy shorts, hip huggers, etc.). Once you've chosen your ideal set, you can select the colour that makes you feel the sexiest!

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A bustier is a lingerie style that falls between a bra and a corset, enhancing the bust area. Bustiers lift the breasts for a fuller, more voluptuous look, making them ideal for women with smaller cup sizes.

Like corsets, bustiers usually have bones sewn into the seams and cinch the waistline to create an hourglass shape. If you want to create the illusion of a smaller waist, a bustier is an excellent choice.


While teddies may sound sweet and innocent, they're actually quite seductive and alluring. A teddy, also known as a body, is a one-piece garment that elongates your figure. The material stretches from the shoulders to the crotch, acting as a built-in brief.

Teddy lingerie comes in various materials, such as cotton, mesh, silk, and lace. They don't shape the body but rather conform to its natural curves, particularly accentuating the hips. Teddies come in many different cuts, with some using less material around the hips to lengthen the legs and create a more flattering silhouette.

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Suspender Belt

Suspender belts serve a practical purpose in the world of lingerie. Designed to fit around the waist with straps at the front and back, they hold up your stockings with small clips. The suspender belt sits above the panties and enhances the overall look of a bra and panty set.

Their primary function is to prevent stockings from sliding down, but they also add a layer of complexity to the overall look with their straps overlapping the panties and creating attractive lines around your waist and hips. It provides another layer of lingerie to remove in front of your partner.

Also known as garter belts, suspenders draw attention to the top of the legs and waistline, delivering a stunning look that highlights these areas. For women with longer torsos, they can provide a point of interest between the bra and the panties.

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Babydoll dresses are light and flowing nightdresses that typically end just above the thigh. They often have delicate straps over the shoulders leading down to just above the breasts. Most babydolls feature beautiful flowing material, sometimes sheer, giving them a flirty and girlish appearance.

Babydolls work well for women with smaller breasts, as they often have padded and shaped cups that make the breasts appear fuller.

For women who may be self-conscious about their hips, babydolls are an excellent choice due to the flowing material from the breasts downward. The delicate straps also make a woman's shoulders appear narrower.

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Nightdresses are typically made from light, thin materials such as silk, lace, and synthetic fabrics, so they can be worn over other sexy lingerie. They come in various lengths, from short, flirty skirts that end just above the knee to longer, full-length gowns that reach the floor.

Peignoir is another type of nightdress that is usually open with a waistband that can be tightened to close or loosened to open, revealing the enticing garments underneath.

Nightdresses convey a touch of romance and elegance, with the soft, floaty fabric brushing against your body, making you feel sexy and confident.

Different nightdress lengths cater to different body types. If you want to draw attention to your legs, opt for a shorter length. Taller women might prefer gowns with a belt to tighten around the waist and accentuate the waistline.

Chemises Lingerie

Chemises are similar to babydoll dresses, but they are not as flowing and are more straight and body-hugging. They are made from light materials and are typically knee-length.

Chemise necklines can vary, but they are generally simple and elegant. They often have ornate embroidery around the neckline, giving them a feminine feel. You'll find chemises with sequins, ribbons, and even sheer materials.

As you explore different chemises, you'll notice that some are becoming more like 'hybrid' lingerie, combining elements of babydoll and slip designs.

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Camisoles are relatively simple lingerie items often worn under low-cut tops. They provide a subtle tease with their lovely detailing along the top edge.

While not the sexiest style of lingerie, camisoles can still make your curves look amazing. They are usually loose, and the flimsy fabric can reveal contours underneath, such as an occasional glimpse of a nipple or the outline of your breasts. Camisoles can be paired with matching panties or a sexy thong to create a complete lingerie set.

Camisoles are perfect for women who prefer a more modest approach to lingerie, yet still want to feel sensual and attractive. They can also be worn as sleepwear or loungewear, making them a versatile option.

Body Stocking

As the name suggests, body stockings are form-fitting garments made of stretchy materials that cover your body from top to toe. They come in various designs, such as crotchless, low-cut necklines, fishnet, and lace with full arms and decorative edging.

Lightweight and see-through, body stockings are among the most provocative lingerie options. They reveal your body while sometimes featuring panels to maintain some modesty.

Body stockings can be discreetly worn under everyday clothing or suits, keeping your secret until you choose to unveil yourself to a special someone.

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Body Suit

Bodysuits resemble one-piece bathing suits, similar to body stockings but ending at the top of the legs. Many have fastening studs between the legs for easy access when needed.

With clean lines and simple designs, bodysuits can be worn as tops alongside jeans or dress pants. When worn under clothing, they prevent visible creases or lines.

Rompers Cream Romper

Similar to teddies and bodysuits, rompers are slightly looser and often made of satin or cotton, providing more room around the crotch area. This makes them an excellent choice for sleepwear.

Rompers can be plain or playful, adorned with frills and lace for a romantic touch.

Briefs and Knickers

There are various types and styles of briefs and knickers to flatter different figures. To qualify as lingerie, they should prioritize style and sexiness over function.

Briefs can be low-cut or high-waisted, with differing cuts around the thighs. High-cut briefs accentuate the legs for women with an hourglass figure.


Last but not least, the thong is a tiny, sexy garment with a small triangle of material in the front and a string that runs between the wearer's bottom cheeks. Ideal for those who are proud of their hips and buttocks.

Thongs are perfect for eliminating visible panty lines (VPL) when wearing tight skirts, leggings, or trousers. They look stunning when paired with suspenders and stockings or worn under a sheer babydoll.

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