Sex toys aren't the only way to add some variation or extra spice to your sex life. In this section, we explore different sex position you might want to try with your partner. On this page, you'll see new sex positions for novices to sex positions for acrobatic sexual experts. 

We hope you will draw some inspiration form this article, we'd love to hear your favourite positions in the comment section below. This section is updated on a regular basis - check back soon for more inspiration!

Boat Sex Positions

Boat Position

The woman lies comfortably on her belly, opens her legs and lifts sexually the upper part of her body, leaning confidently on her elbows. The man is on top, placing his legs between the female partner’s legs leaning on his knees and hanging over her, leaning on his hands that are on sides from her shoulders. The couple is free to be kissing the man has access to his mistress’ shoulders.

Candle Sex Postion

Candle Position

This position is quite simple. The man stands still and his woman stands next to him with her back. If need, the woman can stand on her toe tips to make penetrations deeper. She can place her head on his shoulder to caress his neck. The male partner should get the profit of the possibility to touch his mistress, caress her soft breast and firm buttocks, as this is the most appropriate position to get maximum pleasure.

Straddle Sex Position

Straddle Position

The woman on top is perfect for men who want to relax and have fun, so you should obviously note this position. The man lies on his back and slightly bends one leg at the knee. The female partner sits on the penis so that her legs are on one side next to the bent leg of her male partner, which female partner takes by hand at the knee and the other hand puts on the man’s chest. The male partner puts his arm on the woman’s neck and takes her knee by the other one. The woman moves in this position

Aquarius Sex Position

Aquarius Position

The woman lies down opening her legs, and the man stands between them on his knees to lift the female partner by her waist that only her head and forearm can be her support. The woman throws her legs to the man’s thighs, bending them at the knees, she supports her buttocks with her arms, helping the male partner to maintain the rhythm of sex.

Clapper Sex Position

Clapper Position

The woman is down on her knees and fully leans forward, stretching her arms over her head, making them in shape of a halo. The man is located to the female partner in such a manner, that his buttocks are lying on the woman’s feet, legs are driven wide apart and the woman is between his legs. The man’s hands are the main support.

Mermaid Sex Position  

Mermaid Position

He lies on his back and you then back onto him, slipping gently down onto his penis. Next, carefully lower yourself backwards until your back is resting on his chest and stomach. Lift your legs into the air and support them with your hands. He can then use his hands to caress your breasts, clitoris or butt.

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