We surveyed our sex toy experts and created a top 8 list of anal toys you must try if your serious about anal play ... or if you're new to anal play and looking to broaden your pleasure horizons. We've selected the best for you, to make the most of the wonders of anal play.

This useful guide will help you navigate your way to finding your next toy that your butt will thank you for. 

Don't forget - anal is always better when using a good quality anal lubricant.

1. Anal Beads

Anal Beads Anal Sex Toys Sex Superstore

Whats the main reason we love anal beads? Because, used correctly, they'll intensify your orgasm ... and we mean intense! To take a hit of intense orgasms, try timing the removal of the beads with yours or your partners orgasm. Gently but not so slowly, remove the anal beads, the sensation of expanding the sphincter combine with an orgasms is earth shattering! 

Don't be put off by the size of anal beads, you don't have to use them in their entirety. The beauty of anal beads is that you can use as much or little of them as you like. 

Take time to consider which material you'd like your anal beads to be made of. Glass or steel anal beads are very rigid and can be used for temperature play as well as warming up with your body. Silicone anal beads have lots more give. If you really want to turn it up, try the vibrating anal beads - you've never know pleasure like it!

If you're new to anal beads, we suggest experimenting alone, perhaps in the shower if you're worried about making a mess. Get to know your body and what feels good. If you're experimenting in the shower. Use a good silicone lubricant to keep everything smooth. If you have silicone beads, you'll need make sure you insert the beads inside a condom as you cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys. 

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Top Tip: Rub the beads on yours or your partners perineum, the massaging help you get used to the sensation and makes your anal bead experience far more enjoyable.   

2. Rocks Off 7 Speed Butt Quiver Vibrator 

We love toys from rocks off, this butt stimulator certainly matches up to our expectations. We especially love this plug as both men and women can enjoy it. The geniuses at rocks off have cleverly formed the butt quiver to tickle the prostate when being used by a person with a prostate and create a feeling of fullness and clitoral stimulation when being used by a person with a clit.  
  • Curved tip for very easy insertion
  • Powerful 7 vibrating functions (three speeds, four patterns)
  • Luxurious silk, slightly soft finish
  • Styled to enable prostate stimulation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Quiet for discretion
  • Comfortable and secure base

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3. Eclipse X Vibrating Anal Probe

 anal probe Eclipse X Vibrating Anal Probe
Take control, or give it up - those who hold the remote control the orgasm. We've picked this anal probe because of its remote function, delivering 10 functions at the discretion of your or your partners. The graduated beaded design feels amazing on insertion and removal, adding to your pleasure and stimulating the sphincter. Just like anal beads, try timing the removal up with an orgasm for mind shattering orgasms. 🤯 
  • East to use remote control 
  • 600m remote range
  • 10 functions
  • 100% waterproof
  • Graduated bead design
  • Silky body safe silicone
  • Use solo or with a partner
  • Smooth, body safe silicone

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4. Lubido ANAL 250ml Water Based Lubricant\

You can't have great anal play without a great lubricant. The anus is not naturally lubricating, like the vagina. It needs a little help to keep wet. We love this anal lube Lubido because of its easy pump action bottle - it's easy to use and top up when you might be in an awkward position! It's thick and super smooth. 
  • Easy pump action bottle
  • Antifungal properties
  • Aloe infused to sooth
  • Slick and thick lube
  • Formulate for anal play
  • Paraben free formula

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5. Fantasy CRingz Rock Hard AssGasm Prostate Massager

We've chosen to include this toy in our top 10 because of its ability to not only delay orgasms but intensify them through prostate massage. The CRingz AssGasm Prostate Massager pushes out your package to the MAX, making it rock solid and tickling the prostate in the process with the powerful removable bullet vibrator.  It's an essential toy if your a fan of intense prostate stimulation and enjoying the fun longer with a cock ring. 
  • Soft, body safe silicone
  • Stretchy material for easy wearing and a good squeeze on your package
  • Tapered plug for easy insertion and removal
  • Powerful, removable bullet vibrator
  • Easily stays firmly in place as things heat up 

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6. Bathmate Anal Training Butt Plugs

anal training butt plugs from bathmate We couldn't give you a top 10 without mentioning our favourite anal training butt plugs. This set is perfect for newbies. There are three sizes, the smallest size is 1" and increases up to 1.5". We like this set because they are really easy to insert and remove, the ring style base prevent the toy being lost forever and forms a really easy grip for either you or your partner, not to mention they look pretty cool too!
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Three sizes perfect for training
  • Ring-style grip for easy insertion and retrieval
  • Smooth and easy to insert silicone material

7. COLT XXL Pumper Inflatable Anal Plug

 This is for the more seasons anal explorer, it'll most certainly fill the void in your life ... excuse the pun! We love toys from COLT and this plug was no exception. Starting at 6 by 1.75 inches it double in width once inflated. The ez squeeze bulb inflates the plug easily and evenly.
  • Tough and durable yet pliable silicone
  • Very large once inflated
  • Incredibly easy to inflate with the EZ squeeze buld
  • Firm plug - easy to insert

8. Butt Plug With Heart Shaped Crystal

This was an easy one! They say a picture speaks a thousand ... just look how pretty this plug is!  
  • Luxurious butt plug experience
  • Features a beautiful crystal jewel
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Enjoy hot or cold temperature play



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