What comes to your mind when you hear the words “anal play”? What strike your mind are the myths and beliefs you’ve heard of or even read. Some of the famous myths are “straight people don’t subscribe to it”, “the act isn’t pleasurable and it hurts”. 

The truth is anal sex is pleasurable and does not hurt if things are done correctly. Plus, it acts as a doorway to improving your sex life and experience unlimited pleasure for men and women. Yes, both parties find anal sex intense, pleasurable, and stimulating.

Anyone can enjoy this magical sensation. If you’re not convinced continue reading this article to discover the truth about anal sex.      

Why have anal sex?

Before we get to the reason why you should have anal sex, let’s expand on what it is. Anal sex is when a sex toy, fingers, or even the penis penetrate the rectum. The anal play still composes of oral sex as well. Whether you are receiving or giving it you will enjoy it.  There are several reasons why you should have anal sex. Some of the magical reasons are

Anal sex is considered a Taboo

Anal play is still considered taboo by most people. This is because of the belief sex is all about vaginal and penis penetration. However, things are changing and people are slowly beginning to wrap their heads around butt play.  

The fact that it is considered taboo, makes butt play, or pegging an exciting venture to tryout. How will you know you don’t like or even love it without trying? As you’re aware forbidden fruits are sweet, do not miss out on all the fun.

Your sex life shouldn’t be boring because of the myths you’ve heard. Let anal sex ignite the spark between you and your partner. Things will never be the same again.

It gives you a chance to explore your body 

Butt play gives you a chance to understand what your body needs. Men usually experience their orgasm from outside stimulations while women in the inside. However, when it comes to anal penetration both parties experience it from the inside.

Did you know the clitoris nerve ending is located around the anus region? During anal stimulation, the woman is bound to have an intense orgasm. Now when it comes to men the Prostate Gland is found a few inches into the rectum.

When stimulated during sex, the man is expected to have a mind-blowing orgasm. This is what gives one a deeper understanding of their bodies, the sensation is differently remarkable than any kind of sex. Whether you are going for a solo act or with your partner, the orgasm will leave you weak in the knees.  

 It helps to build intimacy between partners

For any friendship to work or prosper there have to be clear communication channels. Here is where anal play makes things interesting. Before engaging in the sexual act, you and your better half need to sit down and iron out some issues. 

This starts with having an open mind about it. Does your partner embrace the idea? If so how would they like it, whether to use a sex toy, fingers, or penis?

Once both of you’re on the same page, the next thing is discovering the ideal position for the best anal sex. This takes a bit of time and exploration to find the best angle and position for both of you. Plus, you’ll need to discuss during this stage to ensure the both of you are happy. This, in turn, creates a healthy and intimate bond between you and your spouse.

There are health benefits associate with anal play 

When you engage in back door play you’ve a lower risk of getting heart diseases and stroke. That’s not all you’ll have better sleep and strong immunity. The benefits can found spread on both women and men. 

On women you will have menstrual cramp relief which is a big relief. And to men, direct stimulation of the prostate gland prevents and treats erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostatitis. These are some of the health benefits for both genders.

Does anal sex hurt?

Anal sex does have to hurt if things are done correctly. But one might ask why might it hurt? Well, the anal play might hurt if there were no preps done. Unlike the vagina which self-lubricates the anus isn’t self-lubricating. Hence when you engage in back door play without enough lube, the friction causes pain. That’s not all; there will be tiny tears in the rectum which could lead to an infection.

On the other hand, if you’re not relaxed or comfortable you’ll feel pain. The muscles in the anus are tight to keep things in. That's why, when you are not relaxed it will be painful during penetration, whether you’re using your fingers or sex toys. To enjoy the best anal sex, you need to be comfortable and relax those muscles.  

How to enjoy anal sex?

To have enjoyable anal sex here are some of the best hacks to make it memorable.

Communicate your concerns

Though we’ve established anal play is pleasurable and worth your time. There are certain fears one might have when it comes to the play. Thus, you and your partner must sit down and discuss the concerns you might have. This helps in knowing what your partner thinks about pegging or anal play.

Let them explain their fears and discuss the way forward. This is because you might think it’s a great idea but your partner is not on board. Additionally, you and your better half need to prepare. During anal play sex, one has to control their breathing during penetration. This enables the body and mind to relax.

For this reason, we recommend starting with small objects, like the pinky finger to get the feel of it. Then you can advance to sex toys and then the actual penis penetration.  

Stay away from numbing creams

The one mistake that the newbie on the block do is using a numbing cream to eliminate the pain. Yes, there will be a slight pain during the first penetration before you get a hang of it. But numbing isn’t the way to go. 

Pain is good since it informs your body if something is not right. But when the pain is eliminated, there might be tiny wear on your anal wall and you won’t notice until the cream wears off. For this reason, keep off the numb creams. We understand you might be afraid of the pain, but the sexual sensation makes it worth every inch. 

Understand what going on down there

The anus is not like a vagina, since it is meant to keep things in. This is why the rectum muscles are tight. Hence don’t force penetration but take things slow. Start with small objects such as a sex toy or pink finger. We have butt plugs that can help with training your rectum. 

Besides, the objects need a good lube to help with smooth penetration. Note, not all lubes in the market are good for you. Research on the best anal lubes to use during anal play, this is because some lubes contain chemicals that might be harmful to your body.

Once things are in place and you’re enjoying the feeling don’t go from anal to vaginal penetration in one session. This prevents one from contracting UTIs and other infections. A little tip doesn’t concentrate on the butt but the feeling. This helps you to relax and have an intense orgasm.  

Try it solo

Before, the actual day, try out anal penetration on your own. This helps to prepare your body and mind for anal sex. If you’re going to use a sex toy or a finger do it. 

It’s like you are masturbating which gives you an understanding of your body. You’ll discover the pleasure points and even know how you want your partner to do it. This assures you of maximum sexual pleasure. 

Introduce toys in anal play

Now, that you have become an expert in this field, you can invest in anal sex toys. At Sexsuperstore we offer you a variety of toys to ensure you have a remarkable lovemaking session. The toys come in different designs and shapes to suit your needs. Besides, we also have toys for beginners looking to venture into butt play. 

Shelve penetration 

Delaying penetration during sex gives you a mind-blowing orgasm. Get your body riled up with other sexual points. This involves kiss and sucking the nipples, licking the back of the neck, kissing between the legs anything you can imagine. 

But once you’re both fully aroused you can go in. What you’ll experience is magical and words can’t even get close to describing it. The arousal helps the body to relax which opens up the rectum muscles for full penetration. 

Always have lube by your side to keep things going. Plus invent and try out other positions apart from dog style. You can even name the new position according to your experiences. This keeps your sexual life spicy and enjoyable.     

How to train your anus?

Before you take the plunge, start anal training to ensure you get used to the new idea. Your body and mind need to grasp the new concept to enjoy anal sex. As stated earlier, the anus has tight muscles to keep things in. Therefore, you need to train your mind it is okay to let loose the muscles during butt play.

Here is how to train your anus 

  • Begin with self-pleasuring; this helps with knowing what your body needs. This should be done away from your partner to enable you to relax. You can start with your pinky finger before moving to medium sex toys. We suggest you try to poop and take a shower before the solo experiment. 
  • Anal Training takes time; you need to be patient. It isn’t something that takes a day and you are good to go. Whether you’re using your fingers or dildo time is still a factor. You’ll start with the small finger, then advance to two and three fingers as the rectum adjusts. 

Always move from the smallest objects to the largest one. And, this should be done gradually as you graduate to dildos or even the penis. Remember to use lube during the sessions to avoid pain and friction. 

  • During anal training with your partner, don’t go silent. Let him or her know where it hurts and how you want it done. This ensures you both enjoy butt play to the fullest. Keeping quiet will only worsen things and make anal penetration unbearable, yet it is the MOTHER of all orgasm. 

What lube to use?

Lube is a must-have when it comes to anal play. Though not all, lubes are good for you. Hence, we suggest using a water-based lube or silicone based lube.  

However, silicone-based lubes don’t go with silicone toys. This is because it degrades the toy which is harmful to your body and health in general. Stick to water-based lube when using silicone sex toys.   

How to relax before anal sex

For you to relax your anus before sex you need to talk with your partner about it. Ensure all the issues and fears are ironed out, to eliminate fear. The next step would be cleaning up and even pooping to ensure you’re comfortable.

And the last thing is experimenting and anal training before the actual day to help with relaxing the muscles. Without training, all the other preparations mentioned will be in vain.    

Cleaning your anus 

You have to clean your body to avoid making things messy. For this reason, take a shower and go for bowel movements. This should be done three hours before anal sex. Here are other ways to clean your anus

  • Anal douching is perfect if you’re worried about messing things up. Douching involves the insertion of water into the rectum. This cleans the rectum perfectly, though you need to be careful since you can damage the inner walls. This poses a health risk you and your partner.
  • There is also the use of an enema to clean the rectum and empty the bowel. The process involves the insertion of the liquid into the large intestines. Though, this is intended for medical use, there are home enema kits. All you need to do is follow the instructions given and don’t be creative about it. FOLLOW the instructions to the letter. 

Can I orgasm from anal sex?

Yes, you can orgasm from anal sex. This is because of the nerve endings and the prostate gland. In women, the clitoris is considered the G-spot because of the nerves located in it. The nerves are still found around the rectum. Hence it gives one intense stimulation and sexual satisfaction during anal play.  

When it comes to men, the P-spot (Prostrate gland) is located a few inches into the rectum. When stimulated it offers one an intense and mind-blowing orgasm as well. You don’t need to have a prostrate to experience anal orgasm.

It is safe to have anal sex without a condom? 

Yes, but you’ll be exposed to STDs and other infections. Unless your with a long term partner, we suggest you always use a CD during anal sex to remain safe. Plus, a condom helps with smooth penetration.

Final Word

Anal sex or pegging isn’t a taboo, but a new way of exploring your sexual nature. Though it offers an intense orgasm than any other kind of sex, you need to do it right. This, starts from the anal training, lubes and condoms. This prevents you from feeling pain and getting, STIs or UTIs.

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