Anal training involves the use of butt plugs or other anal toys that enlarge to prepare your anus for a more comfortable penetration. We dealt extensively with butt plugs, anal dildos, prostate massagers and let someone compete against a dildo, so that nobody can see who is coming up to you.

It's said that relaxation is key to having fun with anal play. Once you get used to the pleasant sensations of basic anal play, you can move up to bigger toys and toys with additional vibrations. There are plenty of fun and exciting toys to spice up your sex life with our selection of sex toys for anal penetration, whether you want a vibrating probe to stimulate your prostate or vibrating anal pearl to use with a partner.

Our assortment of anal sex toys includes a variety of simple, elegant butt plugs and anal beads, also included are men's prostate vibrators and anal probes.

When examining our collection of anal dildos, anal vibrators, probes, butt plugs and balls, we admit that diversity can feel intimidating. This list of the top 25 anal sex toys includes everything from anal beads and to long-distance remote anal toys, prostate massage and more. Just to make sure things are just right this list is for people who never had a pinky on their backsides, as well as those who have ridden a few rodeos. 

Similar to dildos, anal vibrators can be enjoyed by both sexes and lead to intense orgasms. For people with a prostate, it is the most intense sexual nerve center in the human body. For people with a cliterous, the organ is a lot larger than first thought, it extends around the vaginal canal and surround the anus. Anal sex toys can push orgasms to new, breathtaking heights.

Butt plugs increase the pleasure of anal stimulation with masturbating or during foreplay or intercourse, while vibrators and special prostate massagers give the way to an incomparable universe of earth-shattering prostate stimulation.

Also known as shock vibrators, male anal toys give the same excitement to men having sex. Women enjoy extreme arousal through vibrating anal dildos, which are used in the vagina and anal as well as in their environment and other erogenous zones. Vibrating anal probes are small, similar in size to fingers, and they are novice sex toys.

Anal probes and anal dildos are designed for full penetration while butt plugs are designed to remain in the abdomen during sexual and other activities. The interesting thing about vibrating butt plugs and ass vibrators is that they leave the anal cavity so you can enjoy other acts with your partner. Like a far-reaching prostate-like massager, anal probes and butt plug are specially designed for anal stimulation.

Butt plugs and prostate stimulators are perfect for anal stimulation, they have a narrow neck and stay held in place by the sphincter. The flared base prevents the plug from being pulled into the anal cavity. 

If you are searching for more length, or a little more ongoing stretch than a butt plug then you might want to drop the idea of using a normal dildo and look for an anal probes. Anal probes are thinner and as the anus doesn't have the natural stretch that a vagina has, anal probes are preferable to novice anal players.

Dildos are the first choice for the experts, or those looking to experience a stretched sphincter, because they are thicker, and a dildo stretches it for the duration of the play time. Furthermore, most dildos can be used for anal penetration because they have a flared base and are long enough that you do not need special dildos for anal stimulation. 

When inserting anything into the anus, don't forget to use a generous amount of lube. Shop for specially formulated anal lube for the best butt play experience. Lubricants facilitate insertion, prevent injuries and make playing with anal sex toys more pleasant.

Using an anal shower cleaner at the back door during insertion is the best way to keep ass sex clean, safe and tidy.

Dildos can be used for solo sex or partner games, worn with a harness to make a strap on or penetrating yourself or a partner during foreplay or intercourse. Anal dildos are a safe sex toy for anal games, because they are specially designed for anal insertions. Stuffing a dildo can also be used to convey a feeling of fullness.

Remember to keep your toys clean. If you decide to not keep your toys clean, you expose yourself to bacterial infections, yeast infections, STI and STD transmission and dirty toys can start to decompose and spread material around your body. Items inserted into the anus can cause infection because the thin rectal wall absorbs bacteria from surfaces and objects such as fingers. Sex toys must therefore be nice and clean after anal use.

If you fancy the intensity of great butt play, start shopping with Sex Superstore today.

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