National Underwear Day is on Tuesday 5 August 2020 and there are so many ways to celebrate, whether its lounging around all day in your underwear, wearing your lucky set, your oldest trouser companions, or perhaps your hoping to shop for a new set. 

National Underwear Day is a time for lingerie fans to shine by forgetting National Ice Cream Day or National Pet Month. National Underwear Day launched by FreshPairs on August 5, 2003, celebrates its 15th anniversary on this day, which commemorates our love for all kinds and forms of underwear and celebrates support for self confidence and self-esteem. 

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Why should you treat yourself or your partner to Erotic Lingerie?

Many lingerie wearers like to wear chic underwear with their partners in mind. In the 2015 film Sleeping With Other People, Alison Brie, a single character, muses that she spends a month renting luxurious lingerie to channel her inner Khaleesi.

It's no secret that lingerie can have a more attractive effect on a romantic partner than being naked. Studies suggest that male rats in this state find female rats with tiny jackets more desirable than those without, prompting neuroscientists to draw parallels between human arousal and lingerie. Lingerie is sexy underwear that can be viewed by both partners to the benefit of both, says psychologist Danielle Forshee.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many people get a mental health boost from wearing beautiful lingerie in everyday life, even if they are not physically active.

Beautiful lingerie does not have to be super lace or sexy for the wearer to feel empowered. Wearing nice underwear can affect our mental health.

Wearing beautiful lingerie can boost self-confidence. Wearing beautiful, high-quality underwear and lingerie sets can boost our confidence and self-esteem even when nobody else sees them.

She found that confidence makes the content of what we say seem more convincing and is associated with the perception of being sexy, depending on our goals, which boosts self-esteem and mental well-being. Self-confidence makes us seem more attractive, and we tend to stand upright, walk more confidently, speak more confidently, and gesticulate more freely.

Wearing lingerie evokes feelings of femininity, sexual liberation and power. The idea of wearing beautiful sexy lingerie for yourself can have a positive impact on our emotional state.

If you think buying sexy lingerie will turn on men, I think you have it backwards. Buying and wearing beautiful lingerie is not just for boys.

But there's so much more to it than just trying to be a feast for the eyes for the men who are lucky enough to see you. It's about asserting our own sexuality. And it's about women turning our very existence upside down. But it's also about feeling sexy, not just looking sexy. And that's what's so powerful about lingerie.

Wearing comfortable underwear boosts self-confidence. It says loud and clear that we refuse to live up to the expectations and social standards of beauty imposed on us. 

It's an act of self-care, a confession that we get what turns us on, and we allow ourselves to feel sexy without being sexy in a pretty bra or tiny knickers. Being sexy doesn't have to mean being uncomfortable. This does not mean that we do it to please others. And it should not be associated with self-objectification. Sexy lingerie means that we embrace the sexual self, even if it is highlighted by silk, lace or cotton, just like everything else.

It's about the images that come out of the media. To marvel at one's own body and turn on oneself is a great way to present oneself to the world. But your feelings about yourself extend far beyond you and into the world around you. You may feel that you are more important than your relationship status, or that you have internalized distorted beauty standards.

Sexy lingerie is a secret confidence boost that affects our behaviour, posture, speech and even our smiles. Playing with oneself and setting expectations not only helps us to feel sexy, but also helps us to have sexy lingerie. It doesn't have to be expensive, but no one needs to know. Studies have shown that wearing a Superman T-shirt under a shirt during a job interview can boost your confidence and increase your chances of eliciting the best from yourself. Even if it is invisible, knowing it is a great help.

It's not how it looks, it's how it feels. There's a whole universe of pretty knickers out there and you don't have to compromise. Cotton-based underwear may look pretty, but you do NOT have to choose something that is too pretty to be comfortable. You don't have to exaggerate or wear complicated panties and bras to feel sexy. You didn't have to choose a thong to express your self-care.

All in all, enjoy your bodies, enjoy your lingerie and enjoy national underwear day. 

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