It's national orgasm day on 31 July - it's time to get yourself ready to maximise your orgasm and celebrate the day in all it's glory!

Tips to enjoy orgasms for people with vagina and clits

Be honest and communicate with your partner

For many women having only one orgasm during sex is an uphill struggle, and the idea of multiple orgasms seems like fictitious stuff. The National Survey on Sex, Health and Behavior found that 85 percent of heterosexual men believe that their partner has reached orgasm last time, while 64 percent of heterosexual women claim to have an orgasm. Be honest with them when you do and don't orgasms and tell them what you'd like to help you across the line. 

Kegal exercises

Having a stunning orgasm, whether during sex or not, requires a bit of preparation before you can reap the rewards, which includes regular Kegel exercises. Get your head out there and appreciate how your body is able to experience better orgasms. When you work on the muscles surrounding the vagina, they help to bring blood to the pelvic floor and build stimulation.

Strengthen  your vagina muscles with love eggs and enjoy the stimulation.

Search for the G Spot

While penetrating the vagina with your fingers or sex toys can give you immense pleasure, it may only deliver fairly vanilla pleasure. If you want to see the stars, try to stimulate your G-Spot (the pleasure point on the vaginal wall) with even, strong pressure. These no set place that the G Spot resides, so some self exploration is a must here. Using a hard sex toy is useful, something like a glass dildo is a good starting point.  Once your G spot has been found, massage and stimulate to your hearts content. Experiment with different positions and find the best position to massage the G spot during penetrative sex. Couple G spot stimulation with clitoral massages as many people report catastrophic orgasms because they stimulate vagina and clitoris at the same time.

Warning: This can cause the illusive female ejaculation. Be prepared by laying down a super absorbent pleasure mat.

Add extra clit stimulation

If clitoral stimulation is your thing, there are tons of vibrators that are supposed to brighten the clitoris. There is plenty of fun to do for yourself and transfer this knowledge to a partner during sex.

Tips to enjoy orgasms for people with a Penis and Prostate

Pressure the Perineum

The perineum is the section of skin from the balls to the buttocks and is one of the many erogenous zones that react to sexual stimulation. It's covering the prostate which is full of nerve endings and therefore feels sensitive. Ask your partner during intercourse or oral sex to put a finger or push against the perineum until the pressure feels right. Some report that by putting pressure here, they are able to have multiple orgasms.

Prostate stimulation

The prostate is arguably the key to intense and unforgettable male orgasms. Stimulate it either externally (as the above tip suggests) or internally. Using sex toys can help with this task. A dildo or anal probe will work well, but a prostate massager is usually best at getting the job done. Insert the prostate massager into the anus with a good helping of your favourite lube and let its ergonomic design get to work. Experience intense (and we mean intense!) orgasms. If you have no toys to hand ... use your hand, or fingers to be more specific. Apply firm even pressure to the prostate and massage. 

Delayed gratification

This tip is hard (excuse the pun) but work it! Delayed gratification can be hard to cope with, but when it comes to your orgasm, it's worth it. It is an easy way to step up the game and bring yourself to the edge of orgasm with a slow pause at the beginning. Try it two or three times before you let go. A study in the Journal of Sex Research shows that when people stop, when they are 90 percent of the way to climax and pick up again through a slowdown, their orgasm is ultimately twice as strong. The study advocates "edging out," the practice of delaying orgasm until after an intense climax. 

Just breath

If you are about to come, you will notice that your heart rate and breathing naturally begin to accelerate, but if you keep it slower, the amount of oxygen and blood flow to your genitals will be improved, making your climax even stronger. Try to slow it down so that it is in line with your thrust.

Tips for everyone to have better orgasms


Adding some lubrication to your love making, or self pleasure will certainly push you in the direction to extreme pleasure. At a minimum lubricant makes the experience more sensual, reducing friction and removing the occasional uncomfortable feeling of 'dry sex'. Some lubricant will deliver additional sensations, such as temperature changes (warming or cooling lube), as well as numbing lubricant.

Discover what stimulates your mind and body

Getting yourself 'turned on' helps you to enjoy the experience. Don't forget, sex isn't just about penetration. The build up can be equally as fun and arguably more important. Try reading or watching erotic fiction or female-friendly pornography. 

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