Learn more about what a prostate massager is and how to use on to hit the orgasmic heights you desire

In the past anal penetration was a big No! to heterosexual men. Many found it disturbing since it went against the traditional roles of men and women. However, things are changing, and now men are starting to embrace anal sex. According to research, 71% of straight men are willing to try out male prostate toys. 

This might be a shocking figure, but it is true. Hence, if you want to switch roles with your wife to experience, the next level of orgasm, prostate massager is the answer. The toy helps to spice things up between the sheets, making it memorable and electric. 

For those who are tired of jerking off, this is also the way to go. The toy will take you to a whole level of self-pleasure. At Sex Superstore, we want you to explore your body and still be safe while doing it. This is why we are going to talk more about the massager and how it works.

What is a prostate massager?

It refers to a sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate gland for sexual pleasure. However, did you know prostate massager was initially manufactured for medical purposes? The device was previously used by doctors to relieve pressure and pain caused by prostatitis, among other disorders.   

That said, prostate massagers come in various shapes and sizes. Though, it looks more like a dildo but its slightly short about 3-4 inches in length.

The massager is made from silicone material to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The material is smooth and safe making it an ideal tool to add to your sex toy collection.  

How do I use a prostate massager?

Though using the massager is easy, there are things you need to know before first. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, read more to find out how to have safe P-Spot Stimulation and climax.

Cleaning up

You need to clean yourself before using the prostate vibrator. This may sound anticlimactic when you’re in the mood, but it is important. The key here is preparation, take a bath or shower before you play and ensure you clean the area around your anus thoroughly with soapy water, just pay a little more attention back there than usual.

Always remember, cleanliness determines how you’ll enjoy the massage, how relaxed you will be, and how willing your partner will be to play.

Additionally, before using the massager, its best to have a bowel movement about an hour before playtime. We wouldn't want you to mess things up during a romantic session with your spouse.   

Some like to go a step further to ensure they’re cleanliness by using an anal douche.

Locating the prostate

This is the next critical stage when it comes to using the toy. More so, for you as a new player in the game. You need to get things right to avoid injuries, pain or infections. 

Studies have shown, the prostate gland is located about 3-inches into your rectum. However, in some people, it is found 4-inches deep. Therefore, ensure you undergo this process before buying a vibrator for the prostate. This ensures you purchase the right size.

To locate the gland, you'll need to insert your finger in your anus and begin to poke around. It is important to lube your finger before this. The lubrication helps to avoid friction which damages the inner tissues. Now move, your finger in slowly till you feel a walnut-like structure, this is the magical P-Spot.  

Lubing up

Lubing is an essential part of the process that shouldn’t be skipped. It’s uncomfortable to move an unlubricated massager into your rectum. The process ends up being painful and could even cause infection. 

Hence, apply the right amount of the lube on the prostate massager and fingers. This helps to spread the lube around while in your anus. We recommend you pick a lubricant formulated for anal play that is compatible with the material of the sex toy.


Locating your prostate can be a bit of a problem if you're a first-timer. The first key to finding the best position for you is to make sure you are in comfortable, relaxed, and somewhere you feel safe. If you’re playing solo, which we recommend for first time users, be somewhere you can’t be disturbed. There are a few positions to start with and they all involve laying down.

Position 1: Lay on your back, suspend your legs in the air, knees perpendicular to your hips.

Position 2: Laying on your back again, legs bent, knees in the air and feet are on the ground.

Position 3: The sideways position. Lay on your side and tuck your knees into your chest. 

Nonetheless, there are various positions one can apply, be creative, but safety first. Don't take an uncomfortable position, it might cause more harm than good.

Once all the processes are completed, you have the green light to go ahead and stimulate your prostate. Insert, the prostate massager slowly and let it take over your mind and body.  Though it takes time to master the device, with practice, you become an expert.

How and why does a prostate massager work?

The prostate gland is an organ located in the male body. The gland is found between the urethra and the bladder. It feels like walnut, when your finger touches it.

A massager is designed to work by stimulating the gland at with vibrations at varying intervals and speeds, depending on your preference. This is what leads to an intense orgasm. The orgasm is similar to that of a penile orgasm, but usually far more intense.


Which prostate massagers do we recommend? 

There are various prostate massagers in the UK; some of them don’t meet the required standards. Hence, using them might be risky and can cause a lot of health issues.

At Sex Superstore, we get this and have your interests at heart. To guarantee safety our brands have been tested and proven to be fit for use. Hence, with us worry no more.

Here are some of the best prostate massager in the UK:

Rocks Off OBoy 7 Prostate Massager Black


The brand is made from a soft, flexible silicone material that is safe. The massager hits your P-Spot giving you a mind-blowing climax.

For optimum stimulation it comes with clever angles and unique lines to fit your body. The 7 speeds of the device offer thunderous vibrations that make one moan under the sheets.  


Aneros Helix SYN Trident Series Prostate Stimulator


It's one of the best hand-free P-spot massagers globally. It comes with a velvet touch silicone, which makes the product smooth. The sleek look and unique feel speak volumes about the device performance. 

The stimulator offers perfect, rhythmic vibrations that offer your multi-orgasm. We recommend the Helix Syn Trident for couples or even solo exploration. 


Fantasy CRingz Rock Hard AssGasm Prostate Massager


Enjoy a cock ring and prostate massager in one for the ultimate experience! The Prostate massager guarantees maximum stimulation and an electric orgasm. The cock ring restricts bloodflow to the penis, create rock hard effections and increases sensitivity, whilst the prostate massager goes through your rectum tickling the P-Spot. These factors combined offer an explosive orgasm of epic status.

You’ll be able to maintain a thick and throbbing erection, which turns up the bedroom's heat. Whether you are a married or single, this is the ideal product. 


Final Word

A male prostate massager is a new norm, and most men are starting to embrace it. Thus, if things in the bedroom seem to be boring, then we recommend using the toy.


However, before using the device, ensure you follow the procedure stated above to be safe. Especially the newbies who want to explore their bodies.

For the expert we will leave you to do what you do best. We assure you that you'll enjoy every moment, Prepare to have a mind-blowing orgasm.



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