Find out more about lubricant and how best to use it for maximum sexual pleasure

Studies have shown, about one-third of females have problems producing lubrication naturally. This is regardless of their age or level of arousal. Nonetheless, it is a common condition among women which can be caused by hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycle, or even stress.

If your body doesn’t produce natural lubrication when having sex, you could experience microscopic tears in the vagina. These tears are caused by the extra friction during penetrative sex, tears can get infected and cause health issues down the line.

Even if you don’t have issues getting wet, lube is still a great product to keep in your sex box or bedside table to make your sexual experience more pleasurable. However, not all lube is created equal.

At Sexsuperstore we bring you high-end lube for every need. In this article, we are going to tackle some of the key topics about lubes. Grab a pen and let’s jump right in.  

What is lube?

Lube is a liquid or gel that one applies to the penis, vagina or anal area to make the region wet. This, in turn, reduces friction making penetrative sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Lube can also be applied on a sex toy to make it more slippery and easy to use. This makes your solo play and sex more pleasurable.

Why and when should I use lube?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. Some women wouldn’t think of using lubricant as they’re able to make themselves wet naturally.

According to Indiana University for Sexual Health Promotion, 50% of women using lubricant have increased sexual pleasure. This makes us wonder, why would you not use a lubricant during sex play?

We suggest using lube during vaginal penetration to reduce friction when you are dry or can’t get wet enough for you to feel comfortable. Lubricant is essential for anal play as it helps penetration and makes anal sex a lot more comfortable! Just a tip, if you’re looking to take your masturbation game to the next level, try lube. It’ll make your solo play mind-blowing.  

Types of lubes

There are three main types of lube in the market. They are:

Water-based Lube

Water-based lubes are common products that are used by many. They come in two different formulations which are water-based lube with glycerin and water-based lube without glycerin. Water-based lube is generally considered to be the safest type of lube, as it doesn’t degrade latex and should not cause irritation to the skin.

Water-based lube with glycerin is thin, slippery, and dry quickly. It is easy for you to clean and rinse the lube after use. This lube also comes with flavour or warming effect which can be irritating to women with sensitive vaginas. This is because of the flavouring or sugar used within the formula. If you have a sensitive vagina, we recommend using water-based lube without glycerin, if it’s the first time you’re using lube, only use a small amount to start.

Water-based lube without glycerin is the type we recommend for you if you have a sensitive vagina. Glycerin can promote the growth of yeast, due to the added sugar used, if you're prone to yeast infections, we suggest that you use water-based lube without glycerin.

Oil-based lube

Oil-based product is recommended for masturbation only as the lubricant can leave a layer on the rectum or vagina which increases the risk of bacterial infection within the parts of the body.   

Oil-based lube is not compatible with latex condoms. This is because it breaks down and degrades latex material, potentially exposing you to unwanted pregnancy or STI’s. Hence, we recommend using silicone-based lubes for use with condoms.

Silicone-based lube

This particular lube has a thicker consistency which typically lasts longer, this lubricant has a different texture to the other lubricants, which some people prefer. If you’re looking to have sex in or around water, because of this silicone-based lube is harder to wash away. We recommend washing silicone-based lube off directly after intercourse to avoid any vaginal irritation. Do not use this lubricant with Silicone based sex toys, silicone-based lube will bond to the silicone sex toys and cause discomfort during use. Additionally, the lube can be used with latex condoms since it won’t degrade or break it.

What is the difference between water-based lube and silicone-based lube?  

Now that we have looked at the various kinds of lubes, we are going to compare water-based and silicone-based lube.
  • Water-based lubes are compatible with silicone sex toys while silicone-based lubes are not. This is because the lube bonds to the material which might be uncomfortable or harmful to you.
  • Water-based lube is ideal for women who have sensitive vagina or skin. On the other hand, silicone is not ideal for women with sensitive skin or vagina. This is because it lasts longer and can lead to yeast infection.
  • Silicone-based lubes are perfect for longer sessions since it is slippery and last longer. When it comes to water-based lubes it dries off quickly which kills the mood if you’re looking for longer hours during sexual intercourse. 

Can I use lube with my sex toys?

Yes, you can use lube with your sex toy. However, the lube you use has to be compatible with your toy. For example, using silicone-based lube with a silicone toy is harmful. This is because the lube destroys the toy's material over time which is harmful to your health. Usually, your sex toy will tell you which type of lube is best to use.
Take Away
Lube is a magic bullet that will improve your playtime. Whether you can produce lubrication naturally or not, you’ll enjoy the addition of lube in your life. It will make your foreplay and solo play more interesting and pleasurable.
When it comes to anal play, lube makes your penetration smooth and easy, it’s virtually a necessity for anal sex. You and your partner will enjoy yourself way more with lube.
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