Anal sex has been in existence for quite some time. Though many consider anal sex a taboo, it’s not. Did you know, the Romans and Ancients Greeks loved butt play? They did it as a form of birth control and also as a way to increase milk production after giving birth. They believed sperm increased milk production.

Many have discovered the magic behind anal sex and are embracing it. Wearing a butt plug offers you is refreshing and rejuvenating stimulation. But that is not all, have you thought of the things you could do with your butt plug. Let’s dive in and learn more about the device.

What is a butt plug? 

What is a butt plug? How does it work? These are some of the questions that come to mind when you hear about the sex toy. To some, a butt plug is a no go zone, since they fear the experience. This is because of the beliefs and stories they have heard about the toy. However, we are going to change the narrative.

A butt plug is a sex toy designed to fit your rectum for sexual stimulation and pleasure. It looks more like a dildo but, it’s shorter and has a flanged end to prevent it from being lost in your bum. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking of spicing up your sex life or trying something new, a butt plug will do the trick. It is safe to use, and comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on your taste and needs. Always remember to use a good anal lube when you want to have a bit of butt play that is thrilling and pleasurable. 

Why would I use a butt plug?

When one uses butt plugs, they’re bound to enjoy some benefits that come with the toy. After reading through this section you will begin to consider adding the sex toy to your collection. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a butt plug is a must-have. Here are some of the benefits:

Gives you a better orgasm

According to research, one can have an intense orgasm when using a butt plug. This applies to both genders. To give you a better understanding of how it works, we are going to break it down.

In men, the prostate gland is located 4 inches into the rectum and its made up of sensitive nerves. Once the nerves are stimulated by the butt plug, he will start to experience an intense orgasm. For this reason, select a butt plug that fits your needs to ensure you have a mind-blowing session.

When it comes to women the story is a bit different, it’s known ladies are mostly aroused by massaging the clitoris. However, did you know the legs of the clitoris usually go back to the anus? This explains why when she uses the butt plug; the sexually pleasure becomes intense and memorable.

It can change your vaginal canal

This is another benefit that a woman stands to enjoy when using a butt plug. The toy is known to alter the actual width of your vaginal canal. Hence, when one wears a plug and have penetrative sex simultaneously, they’ll experience an electric lovemaking session. 

You may think the whole process is daunting, but it’s not. Furthermore, your partner will also enjoy making love to you since your vagina is tighter.

It can be used at any time

Can you imagine using a sex toy outside your bedroom? Well, a butt plug is one of the toys that promise to give you sexual pleasure anytime. Whether you are at work or shopping for groceries, the toy will be with you all the away. 

All you need to do is wear the plug using a good anal lube and to avoid any discomfort. Once you are done put on your cloths and head out. No one will notice if you have it on unless you remove your pants or even tell them.

The device will open up a new world of pleasure, which relieves stress and helps you focus. Plus you’ll still be comfortable sitting down or walking. However, it is essential to control your emotions and pleasure to avoid drawing attention in public. Wearing a butt plug in public can be a great way to build sexual tension between partners, making love making that much better.

Can be a stepping stone to anal sex

If you’re looking to take things to the next level when it comes to butt play, the sex toy will prepare you. Anal sex is not painful but pleasurable when done the right way.

To ensure you enjoy every inch of a cock, you can start by using a butt plug. The device stretches your anal muscles, which makes it more enjoyable. Moreover, you’ll discover how you want your spouse to make anal sex more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Who knows maybe the orgasm you experience when having anal sex could be more intense than you’ve ever experienced? Hence, try it out and experience the magic.

When can I wear a butt plug?

You can wear a butt plug anytime and anywhere as long as you know how to control your emotions. Here are some of the places where you can wear a butt plug.

  • In the house or when out running errands  

When handling house chores, you can wear a butt plug and turn up the mix. This stimulates your body and offers you a pleasurable moment while handling chores. You’ll even have a lot of energy to handle more tasks.

On the other hand, when out shopping, you can wear the plug to make you feel beautiful and sexy. Make sure you choose a butt plug that’s not too bulky to be seen underneath your clothes.     

  • At the office

We understand that work can be stressful. It could be deadlines that are putting pressure on you or even your boss. However, you can perform well if the pressure is too much. Hence you need to relax. 

The sexual stimulation offered by the device ensures you focus and perform at your level best. However, you need to control your emotions while at it. If you can’t, we recommend doing it behind closed doors. 

  • During oral or penetrative sex  

When having oral or penetrative sex, you can slip in a butt plug to spice things up. It will make your vagina tight, which ensures your partner enjoys every session. And when it comes to men, the prostate gland will be stimulated to offer an intense orgasm. It’s time to try it out and experience the magical touch.   

Final Word

It’s time to have an open mind about butt plugs. The sex toy opens up a new world of sexual pleasure perfect for your sex life. On the other hand, you can also enjoy a solo session when using a butt plug and have an intense orgasm. However, if you’ll be heading out wearing the device, it vital you remain discreet.

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