For all the loving couples out there - introduce sex toys into your bedroom this valentines

If you want to spice up your sex life, you should consider sex toys. However, expressing your desire to your partner can be a little awkward. You may be afraid to hurt your partner's ego - after all, no one wants to give the impression that he is not satisfied in the bag. You may also be nervous about expressing your sexual needs, or generally embarrassed by curiosity that is a little different from your usual bedroom repertoire.

Wanting to try new things in bed, including getting to know sex toys, doesn't mean your sex life is boring. It just means you're up for exploring when it comes to pleasure (no pun intended) to please yourself and your partner, and there's nothing wrong with that. And sex toys are a great start when you want to experiment.

One of the easiest ways to spice up your sex life is to introduce sex toys - All it takes is a fun attitude and a little imagination. Sex toys can improve your sex life in many ways, including higher level of mutual trust.

Breaking The Ice

The best way to talk about sex is to make sure the conversation happens, Don't just talk about sex when you have a problem, but talk about it in general: what you like, why you like it, and how you feel. When introducing new things, start with the positive, offering suggestions or Ask questions, then make requests.

Have you ever thought about trying a toy...? I would like to try ____ with you.

If you frame your wishes as requests rather than complaints or criticism, your partner will be more receptive. Obviously the above dialogue will be more effective than "We always do the same thing".

If you're very nervous about talking to your partner about your sex toy cravings, be honest and take your time. If you want to use sex toys with your partner, let him know you're interested in vibrators and you might want to use them, but imagining your fantasies can make you uncomfortable. Let your partner know that you're embarrassed to talk about this new interest. Have him go to a sex shop or go online on a sex shop website so you can choose something together.

Choosing your sex toys

So how do you choose the best equipment for both yourself and your partner? You should start by thinking about the types of sex you already enjoy. Do you prefer external rubbing, oral sex, hand sex or penetrative sex?

For example, if you tend to enjoy vaginal intercourse, consider a toy like a penis ring that doesn’t require major changes to your sex life. You can of course use the toy in many other ways, but you may find that by doing this. One change at a time is easier when you're trying something completely new. If you tend to orgasm from clitoral stimulation, you may consider a vibrating toy that you can use in multiple positions.

Choosing the right toy can sometimes be a simple pleasure, Sex toys are designed to make sex more fun. Hence the word 'toy'!

If you are just starting out, try delicate items like feathers or soft blindfolds. Or choose a small bullet shaped vibrator or a clitoris stimulator.

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