Valentines day is a fantastic opportunity to get your sexy on. If you're celebrating with a partner or a date, read on for inspiration on your journey to the best valentines sex ever.

17 things to try in the bedroom this Valentines

Watch porn together

Watching porn or a sexy film together can be incredibly erotic and a huge turn on for some explosive sex later on. Spend some time exploring what you both like, through in some touching and see where it leads.

Have sex somewhere new

Try out a new location for a hot play time. Try the sofa, kitchen, bathroom ... car. Let your imagination run wild.

Temperature play

Excuse the pun ... temperature play is HOT (or cold). Introduce ice cubes, candles, hot water or more. For a deeper temperature play experience, shop glass sex toys.

Find a low stress environment

Don't feel like tidying the house, dusting or picking up after the kids before you get down to business? Consider a get away, book a nice hotel room or Airbnb. Such a break lets you let go of the day-to-day and focus on yourself and your partner. If going away isn't for you, find somewhere for the kids to go for the night, or even hire a private chef and the ultimate at home chill. 

Write down your fantasies

We always encourage you to talk to your partner, expressing your fantasies, likes, dislikes and desires, it can be incredibly sexy to write these down and give the letter to your partner, both of you should take part in the exchange. Take time to seriously consider your desires as well as studying your partner letter. It's usually best to do this a few days before Valentines day so the activity doesn't feel rushed or pressured. 

Take a virtual tantra class together

If you don't know what tantra is, simply put it's an ancient Indian practise to heighten sensuality during sex and celebrate the body and feeling. If you'd like to know more about tantric sex, you can read about it here. Take a virtual class together and learn the art of tantra, take your lessons to the bedroom and watch you sex life explode beyond your wildest dreams. 


Bring role play into your sexy life has limitless possibilities. Why not go on a blind date with your significant other, pick out a name, meet at the bar and see where things go. Playing dress up is a popular option and a fantastic way to fulfil your partner fantasies. 

Create a sexy playlist

Sex and music go hand in hand. Create a playlist with a mix of beats and tempos and enjoy the ride along.

Food play

Who doesn't love food? Food served on your partner, or to your partner from your body is simply the best tasting dessert ever. Depending on how messy you like it, try whipped cream, chocolate sauce or ice cream.

Sex before dinner

Good food, a few glasses or wine and then dessert isn't usually the perfect recipe for passionate love making. Trying having sex before indulging in food and booze and spend the evening basking in your sexy glow.  

and again the next morning

Before rushing off to work or getting on with your daily grind, start the day with a cheeky shag marking the end to your best ever Valentines celebrations.

Buy each other sexy gifts

If you have the time, shop for sexy gifts that can be used to enhance your love making. Valentines is a great time to introduce new toys or lingerie to the bedroom. Gift your partner a new vibrator, cock ring or lingerie for extra spice.

Have fun

Valentines isn't just about sex. The best sex often follows having a good time with your partner. Do something fun, watch a funny movie, grab a takeaway. Whatever floats your boat.

Spend the day sexting

Build up the sexual tension though-out the day by sending super sexy messages to each other. When you finally get together and get down to it, watch the sparks fly.

Dress up for them

Dress up in your favourite Lingerie set or treat yourself to a new cute set. For a seriously sexy touch, leave lingerie for them to find with a note asking them to bring it with them later.

Dress the bedroom

It may sound cliche, adding some rose petals, candles or decorations to the room will seriously ramp up the mood.

Experiment with edging

Ready for explosive orgasms? If you're not already aware, edging is the act of bring yourself of your partner to the brink of orgasm, stopping before orgasm. Eventually, bring your partner to orgasm and watch all the tension build up into an orgasmic frenzy.

Sex toys for Valentines

Sex games

Let a sex game introduce new moves into your sex life. Shop sex games, extend play time roll the dice and let the good times roll.

Couples vibrators

Add a vibrator into sex and foreplay which can be enjoyed by all. Shop vibrators.

Use a blind fold

Sex is all about senses, using a blind fold takes away your vision sense and thus heights all other senses. Trust us, this is a must try. Shop blind folds.


Bondage play is often a fantasy many have dreamt of indulging in. If you count yourself in this category, there's no better time. Pick up a Bondage kit, or select your own bondage toys and get started. Tie, tease, spank and restrict your way through this valentines. 

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