So, you have one or more sex toys... and they are so delicious that without them you can not imagine how you play solo or with a partner, maybe they were there for you in good times and bad times, times of sexual frustration, stressful times, even joyful times. These inconspicuous items can be part of the furniture. 

But not everyone agrees with such a positive attitude towards sex. And even those who do may feel embarrassed when their most intimate possessions are found or discovered. Not to mention when relatives or close friends of the family come an expected or unexpected visit.

So, We've put together a great little guide to the best ways to hide your sex toys so you never have to have an awkward conversation again.

In a bedside drawer. This is the default hiding spot in our opinion, the toys will always be at hand when you can't wait to get dirty. 

In shoeboxes. I can't think of many reasons for kids or visitors to rummage through shoeboxes. It's less convenient than a nightstand, which just means you have to plan ahead.

In a coat pocket. Okay, so this might be a stretch if you have a large collection of sex toys. Pop your toys in to the pockets of coats, jackets hanging in your closet, It's like hiding them in plain sight. Just remember to take them out before putting on your coat and going to the shop, that could be an embarrassing trip.

A safe. Locked and tamper proof! Grab one of those cheap safes from the store, and choose the size based on your sex toy stash size. 

In a suitcase or bag. Almost everyone has one or more bags, and what the hell is someone going to do while looking through what they imagine, an empty suitcase? Wherever you store your suitcase, put your toys in it and maybe add a few layers of old clothes or books. You can even keep it locked up and, if anyone asks, say it's just ready for your next trip. Also, consider storing your suitcase on the top shelf of your closet, if possible, to make it harder for someone to grab it. But if you lend someone your luggage, don't forget to remember all the sexy things you have in there!

A small bag. The small drawstring bags are very handy for jewellery are perfect for smaller sex toys like nipple clamps and penis rings, these bags are not only tiny, but they are also easy to store in an inconspicuous place. Simply toss it into your underwear drawer or nightstand for quick access.

In your socks. A place no one will be interested, your sock drawer is a great place to store all kinds of sex toys. The easiest option is to put the toy in a winter wool garment, fold it in half, and mix it with the rest of the socks. Not only is it a great way to store a sex toy safely, but it also provides a nice cushion to keep it from rubbing against other objects.

In a tissue box. Unless you have a visitor with a cold or severe hay fever, putting a sex toy in a tissue box is a great idea for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, it can be conveniently placed next to the bed. Secondly, fabrics will provide comfortable protection. And third, you can use handkerchiefs for "cleaning" moments.

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