Sex is a great way to satisfy your mind, body, and soul. But the question is how you do sex and its activities? Is your sex life satisfied or not? I asked many friends separately- Most of them said “No”. They told me somewhat is missing in their sex life. So, what is the reason? The reason is only that we never think boldly.  You must have full rights to enjoy your genital parts passionately on the bed when you are alone or with your partner. The time when you are doing the sexual activities should be the best part of your day. You can make your sex wilder, more erotic, and more interesting while applying the sex tools in your sex life. The decision to include sex toys can change your mind and the way to do sex. Don’t keep your dirty fantasies in your mind, reveal them to your partner and enjoy them.

“Yes, Sex tools can do what your partner can’t.” In sex toys, we will discuss the butt plugs here.  Ah… Listening shameful. Don’t be ashamed. It’s a part of enjoying sex moments. Doing normal sex is the dullest thing in the world. If you are with a partner, you must enjoy the technology of the butt plugs. Just Think, how much pleasure you could get when your partner will use a butt plug on you? These butt plugs can lift you on the extent level of excitement and can give you unmemorable juicy nights. You can be warmed up with the use of butt plugs.

What exactly the butt plugs are?  They are the sex tools that can be enjoyed through your anal hole. It plugs your butt in a good way. They are shaped and designed like a water drop having a wider base that prevents them from getting sucked in too far. Use of them can make your moments more erotic and satisfying.

If you want to make your nights more juicy and naughty, you can apply and use butt plugs in your bedroom. They are perfect for beginners, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. You can wear your butt plug while doing masturbating or while your partner is performing oral on you. Also, you can wear it while you are having a penis in vagina sex. One thing is more interesting than you can even insert your butt plug while in public. It will make you sexy secretly. You can dance and walk around them while wearing this butt plug. No one can notice it.

These butt plugs come in materials like glass, steel, and crystal. But most people go for silicon as it is safe and soft to use. The use of butt plugs can help you:

  • Give you relief from stress and headaches
  • Feel sexual pleasure even without your partner
  • Make your mind full of confidence while using these butt plugs.

Using the butt plugs for having the orgasm can also help you out in reducing the headaches and the pain in general. It is studied that there is a certain point of time when waiting for the partner turned down to be frustrating and irritating. However, these situations can be easily tackled by owning a butt plug.

“If you are still getting afraid while using them, don’t freak out. They come in different sizes you can start from the beginning. Once you will be used to it, you can try with more length. “

How does it work? Lovers of sensation can place them in their body parts. If you don't like sensations, you can let your partner use butt plugs instead of wearing yourself. Butt plugs come in many style. Some come are big, some small, some hard, some soft and and some come with a vibrating mode. Whatever you like you can go for it.  But remember never to do the following things with your butt plugs.

  • Don’t ignore the width: Going to big, too quickly could cause you harm and put you off of anal play. Start small and work your way up.
  • Don’t share it with anyone: Never share your butt plug with another person. It can cause genital infections. If need to share, then wash and sterilize your butt plug after and before use.

My self-experience: My husband gifted me a butt plug five months ago. Use of it changed my sex life. I am fully satisfied and I do the work more fairly than before.  Whether you are a man or woman, they are designed for both. Every man can use it in their sexual parts. You may wonder to know that using the butt plugs helps the person to learn more about their body; stuff like what they like most and what they don’t. Once you get to know about your likes and dislikes, you would be comfortable when intimating with a partner.

Some of the ladies and guys use DIY techniques to get more sexual satisfaction. They use vegetables, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes on their genitals. We recommend not to use it again as it can harm your soft genital parts. Butt plugs are the best option as they are not so costly.


Conclusion: A case study has proven that the women who are masturbating on the daily basis are having more confidence good self-esteem when compared to the women who don’t. So, make your mind full of confidence while using these butt plugs.











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