As the sex psychologist David Ley said, “It's not as easy as it looks in porn”, you must be prepare before going to have anal sex. It can hurt if you do it with negligence, don't put yourself off the wonders of anal, Don’t only follow the videos, first know how to enjoy anal sex in your life.

My own experience tells me that Lubricants work a lot while doing anal sex. If you are also fond of having anal sex, You must use anal lubricants to enjoy it well. Here in this article, we will discuss “what anal lubricant is for? and why it's different from a regular lubricant?

If you want to go for anal sex with your partner first time, it can feel strange and perhaps you'll be a little uncomfortable. We recommend you to speak clearly about your wish. After deciding to have anal sex,  don’t do it all in hurry. Start with touching and caressing to get used to the idea and make sure you are relaxed, you could even explore your anus on your own before indulging with a partner. It is all-important because there is a muscle in the anus that needs to be relaxed to allow penetration to be comfortable. The most important thing is to use an Anal lubricant. Use plenty of anal lubricants and start by penetrating just a little and then pulling out completely.

Anal Lubricants: The lubricants that we can use in our anus while doing anal sex. Despite seeming fairly minor, anal lube plays a huge part in enjoying comfortable and pleasurable anal. The first time I did my anal sex without any lubricant and it hurt me a lot and was unsuccessful in deriving any pleasure for me or my partner. After some days, we again tried using a special lubricant for the anus. It was AMAZING. I cannot stress enough, use lube and use it lots.

“Anal sex can only be enjoyed with Anal lubricants. Don’t forget to apply.”

As we know that our anus naturally lubricating like the vagina. For perfect lubrication, it is a must that we must use water-based lubricants like K-Y jelly or Astroglide. We are not in favour of oil-based lubricants like vaseline as they can damage latex condoms or butt plugs, you'll also need to watch out to make sure the lubricant is compatible with any toys you decide to use. 

Water-based Anal lubricants: We all know that the use of condoms and sex toys is normal in sex life. Butt plugs are the common sex toy for anal play. Lubricants can help in providing comfortability while sliding in and out of them. Water-based lubricants can not damage your sex toys.

“If you have never experienced anal sex in your life, we recommend you to have it once but use an Anal lubricant. It will give you a different experience of sex life”

Conclusion: Make your sex life interesting and enjoyable with sex lubricants. Embrace having anal sex, it is your body and you have full right to enjoy every part of it. Be bold and make your sex moments juicier, wilder, and more interesting than before. 


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