If you’re looking to experience self-exploration via tantric masturbation, you may be pleased to know that this solo tantric sex practice offers many benefits for your body and mind. In this guide, we’ll reveal the best benefits of tantric masturbation, as well as some practical tips to get you started. 


What Is Tantric Masturbation?

Tantric masturbation for women is a way of stimulating the erogenous zones to evoke feelings of pleasure. Additionally, the practice of tantra helps you to connect with your higher sense of self, aiding an understanding of the body, as well as connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Tantric masturbation taps into sexual energy which empowers you with confidence while increasing your sexuality.
A few benefits of tantric masturbation include:
  •       A growing understanding of your body
  •       A mindful build-up of sexual tension and energy
  •       More intense orgasms
  •       Feelings of pleasure
  •       Unblocking emotional issues which affect your sex life

Benefits Of Tantric Masturbation For Women

There are many incredible benefits of tantric masturbation for women. If you want to gain wonderful advantages for your body and mind, try engaging in tantric masturbation to revel in the possibilities.
Reduces stress and anxiety
Releasing your sexual energy will help alleviate the stress and anxieties that surround daily life. Tantric masturbation is a full-body process that clears your mind and allows you to focus on self-exploration. Tantra practice is often compared to meditation, thanks to the spiritual side of tantra.

Boosts your sex life

For many couples, trying to improve their sex life can be difficult, especially as people often have no idea where to start. The great thing about tantric masturbation is that you get to know your body on a deeper level, understanding what touches make you feel pleasure, what you like and what you dislike. Once you know what creates the most pleasure, you can use it in the bedroom, which will feel empowering to both you and your partner.

Helps you to explore your body

Knowing your body on an intimate level is important, particularly when it comes to feeling free. You can awaken your sexuality with tantric masturbation and explore different parts of your body, not just your sensual areas. To get yourself in the mood, try setting the scene with music, scented candles and dimmed lighting, just as if you were trying to surprise a partner. When you practice tantra, you'll be surprised how aroused different parts of your body are. Just by touching, moving or breathing, you can inspire highly pleasurable feelings with sexual energy rushing through your body. In turn, this can help you to achieve deeper orgasms, although be sure to know that the overall goal of tantric masturbation is not solely to reach climax.


Increases your self-esteem

Tantric practice and tantric breathing are effective techniques for improving your self-esteem. Through the exploration of pleasure and your body, you’ll begin to enhance your body confidence, both in and out of the bedroom. Take your time to get to know yourself, taking long deep breaths as you go. While experiencing tantric masturbation, you can start to implement sex toys to stimulate your erogenous zones. This will give you a boost of confidence in that you’re taking control of your sexuality.

Improves your orgasms

Tantric masturbation allows you to take yourself to the edge of climax and back again. To do this, when you are feeling near to orgasm, begin to slow down in order to take those feelings away. By using fast and slow pacing in conjunction with taking yourself to the edge of climax, you’ll be able to learn how to control your orgasm. This helps you to finish your session with an intense explosion of mind-blowing satisfaction.

Start exploring tantric masturbation today

Now you know the wonderful benefits of tantric masturbation, you can now start to explore your full body in a way that you’ve never known before.  You’ll feel good about yourself, boost your sex life to a level you didn't think was possible, and potentially reach a new level of insane pleasure. Continue to practice solo tantric sex and try new touches and strokes along the way. Remember, tantric masturbation is as much a spiritual practice as it is a sexual one – just take your time and be patient with yourself.

About the author:
Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.

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